"Why is it called a Gummi Ship,if I can't eat it."

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Destiny Islands
Main Character
Sora is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series and a wielder of the Keyblade. He is a simple-minded teenage boy who lives on Destiny Islands with his close friends; Riku and Kairi. In the abridged series, He acts differently for comedic effect but he still keeps the same general traits especially the simple-mindedness

while they as vastly are exaggerated. He still travels around with his companions; Donald and Goofy while looking for his island friends, Riku and Kairi.


In the Abridged Series, Sora is shown to be extremely stupid and has no though for others except for himself and he often has little knowledge of what's going on around him, and often has to be filled in to what is actually going on by surrounding characters.

He becomes easily frustrated and has a very short attention span, leading him to say random and irrelevant things, which normally result in him being slapped or punched. He has been shown to get angry when characters sing to him, especially when Oogie Boogie and then later Goofy did it .

In multiple instances, Sora has been described as having a voice of a 10 year old girl.


Sora lived on Destiny Island with his two friends; Riku and Kairi, between them they decided to escape there island on a raft into outer space with barely enough supplies to last them. Before they could use the raft to escape the island the island was taken over by the Heartless or as Sora refers to them, Squirrels.

After a slightly yaoi run-in with Riku and the Darkness, Sora is granted the use of the Keyblade by the Voices, after which he is pulled into the darkness by Darkside after he announced he saw him in his own dream; a parody of the first episode. After he awakes in Traverse Town and there he begins is adventure after he meets a few Final Fantasy Character and is explained the story and then finally meets Donald Duck and Goofy, a retarded dog beast.

Sora and the gang, traveled through worlds such as; Wonderland. The gang chased after a white rabbit with a pocket watch the size of his body who was late and then drugged by a mysterious Keyhole, after they wake from there drugging meet the Queen of Hearts and a Barbie Doll who was on trial and almost had her heart ripped out until Sora and the gang slowly stopped them until they were kicked out from the court and met the Cheshire Cat scaring them into back into the court where they were again attacked and then finally killed the keyhole, until they realised it was all a dream and then have to go through the same Wonderland 7 and a half times.

Episodes Appeared inEdit

Episode 1 - Awakening
Episode 2 - Destiny Island
Episode 3 - Destiny Island/Disney Castle
Episode 4 - Traverse Town
Episode 5 - Wonderland
Episode 6 - Olympus Colosseum
Episode 7 - Deep Jungle
Episode 8 - Traverse Town (Comment Special)
Episode 9 - Agrabah
Episode 10 - Monstro
Episode 11 - Halloween Town
Episode 12 - Atlantica


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