Episode 1 is the pilot episode of Kingdom Hearts Abridged and is Shuyin104 and Auron225's first attempt at making an abridged series. It was uploaded on Youtube on June 29th 2008.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Sora having weird thoughts such as why he has the voice of a ten year old girl. He then finds himself all alone in the Station of Awakening. He hears voices talking to him. As he looks at the picture of Snow White on the ground, he realises that it isn't one of his dreams due to the girl being fully dressed.

He steps forward then three weapons appear. These are a shield (Mickey Mouse head), a staff (stick) and a sword (the sharpest weapon he'll ever see in this game). This made him feel like a kid in a weapon store. Suddenly, the whole floor breaks into pieces and Sora falls from a great height.

The narrator then asks the audience what they'd like to see Sora do next. The options being "A. Land on another Disney character", "B. Land on Snow White again", "C. A pony" or "D. Fight Sephiroth". After a short pause, footage from Kingdom Hearts II of Sephiroth appearing is shown. The announcer then announces that he was just kidding.

As Sora lands on Cinderella platform, he talks about how he would kill the narrator if he didn't voice Riku. After he lands, the sword appears in his hand. A shadow heartless appears which Sora thinks is a squirrel. As more shadows appear, the voice warns Sora that they're behind him even though he's able to kill them.

The ground suddenly turns dark and Sora sinks into the darkness. He finds himself on another platform. He puts on his glasses to find himself on Destiny Islands where he sees Tidus, Wakka and Selphie. After realising that kids of Tidus and Wakka are on the same island, Sora gets a headache so he takes off his glasses.

He finds himself on the Sleeping Beauty platform. As he thought it couldn't get worse, his shadow turns into Darkside. The episode ends with Sora yelling "Worst weapon store ever!" while getting sucked up by Darkside.

Characters Edit


Sora, Narrator, Sephiroth, Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Darkside

Music Edit

Opening: "Rewrite" by "Asian kung fu generation"

Selection theme: "Music box house" from the "Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask" soundtrack.

Sephiroth's appearing theme: "On the prepice of defeat" from the Bleach Soundtrack.

Ending theme: "Kesenai tsumi" from the Full Metal Alchemist sountrack.

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