" I'll have you know my mom said I look finger licking good!"
Donald Duck

Donald Duck
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Disney Castle
Main Character

Donald is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series with a dangerously short temper. Donald is the Royal Magician of Disney Castle and the royal assistant for King Mickey and his weapon of choice is a Staff.


In the Abridged Series, Donald is shown to be stubborn and have a very short temper, especially with kids. He has anger problems with the two people he travels around with; Sora and Goofy. In many episodes he is shown to be abusive towards them. This is shown when he hits Sora whenever he is stupid and uses Thunder on Goofy when he wouldn't wake up.


Donald is introduced in episode 3 in Disney Castle on his way to talk to the king, loudly shouting about how he is wasting his money and that's why the orphanage and school had not been built. Although he panics when he finds out that the King is absent from his post and he goes to tell Goofy what happened. He as well as Goofy is sent on a mission by the Queen to go to Traverse Town and they do eventually, quite literally fall into the Key and Sora. Donald travels around the worlds with Sora and Goofy in there Gummi Ship

Episodes Appeared inEdit

Episode 1 - Awakening
Episode 2 - Destiny Island
Episode 3 - Destiny Island/Disney Castle
Episode 4 - Traverse Town
Episode 5 - Wonderland
Episode 6 - Olympus Colosseum
Episode 7 - Deep Jungle
Episode 8 - Traverse Town (Comment Special)
Episode 9 - Agrabah
Episode 10 - Monstro
Episode 11 - Halloween Town
Episode 12 - Atlantica



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